Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Measure all environmental impacts throughout a product’s life cycle using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, supported by cutting-edge technology, to differentiate your product in the marketplace.

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is an internationally standardized methodology. It helps quantify the environmental pressure related to your goods and services throughout the value chain and to explore the environmental thresholds of your production lines with sensitivity analysis, considering the full life cycle of the product.

LCAs have become a crucial and well-recognized science-based framework for analyzing the environmental consequences of your business and products. The expansion of this has coincided with a worldwide upsurge in regulations aimed at enhancing compliance, effectiveness, and product management.

Why conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA)? 

An LCA can help your company comply with the updated global sustainability standards, generate corporate value and provide information for strategic decision-making.

  • Helps gain an understanding of product and service environmental impacts and deepens company knowledge on this topic. 
  • Supports in understanding the trade-off between different environmental attributes (plastic pollution versus climate change for instance)
  • Helps raise company environmental awareness and, thus, stimulate innovation for developing more sustainable products
  • Allows to take/support sustainable choices when designing, developing and manufacturing a product – i.e., provide the evidence required for circular economy thinking 
  • Supports to report and document environmental performance and progress 
  • Helps for communication purposes and demonstrates environmental credentials to satisfy investors, customers and stakeholders 
  • Enables compliance with regulations
  • Allows for comparative LCA studies for environmentally sound procurement decisions
  • Decreases the impact related to energy consumption through renewable energy selection
  • Helps risk minimization through future scenario analysis

Our life cycle assessment portfolio of services

Organizations utilize LCAs to help them detect possible environmental concerns and make real progress in reducing their level of pollution, emissions, and waste through detailed insight into manufacturing processes, services and whole organizations. This advanced mapping accommodates decision-making input resulting in improvement of environmental performance. As a result, strategies can be developed to mitigate an organization’s environmental impacts.

Through our life cycle assessment (LCA), DNV provides services such as:

  • Comparative LCA reports for products
  • Providing LCA-based Environmentally Preferable Product Certification 
  • LCA screening
  • Streamlined LCI data collection
  • Advising on LCA strategy
  • Critical reviews of LCA studies
  • Perform product labeling for reporting of ‘Eco-revenue’
  • Designing & integrating a company strategy for LCA including automation

This offering is part of the wide DNV sustainability services portfolio that includes validation of environmental performance, carbon footprint assessment and supply-chain traceability services. In addition, DNV offers a unique Digital Product Passport service to its customers, which enables them to meet the requirements for digital availability of compliance information, as well as additional communication and post-market traceability services.


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