Why product assurance?

​In a modern world everybody is surrounded by products. Products which in most cases contribute to ease our everyday life, but which could also pose a threat to our health and/or the environment.

What if the power supply of your laptop suddenly caught fire, the wooden toy that your infant loves to chew on was poisonous, the electric hedge trimmer suddenly cut off your finger, or the escalator decided to go full speed downwards?

Luckily for the end user, most products are subject to rules and regulations to address these risks and put a pressure on the seller of the products to make safe products.

The rules and regulations could come from an official authority, an interest group, or from a reputable independent body. Examples are many and could be taken from any region/continent of the world. The common denominator for most of these rules and regulations is that there is some kind of requirement for an independent body to examine the product and make a statement about its compliance. This is often referred to as Product Certification or Product Assurance.


Not long ago, manufacturers had to go through a cumbersome process of getting their product approved for every given country they wanted access to. The processes were different and so were the technical requirements.

Thanks to the pressure from the industry on global trade and efforts within international standardization, manufacturers can now reduce their costs by testing and certifying their product once for a relatively large market and get acceptance in many countries. A key player for you can be DNV.

We have  a global network of offices can help when you have a product you want to analyze with respect to various requirements. 

Key services offered

CE marking of products applies to a wide range of products sold or exported to the European Union member states and European Economic Area.

We  will guide you through the process of selecting the relevant rules and regulations for your product, including relevant standards and specifications for which you need to document compliance. We can perform testing or help you find a suitable laboratory. When you are ready to show your compliance documentation, we will examine these in a professional and systematic manner.

Do you have efficient routines to manage the quality of the production? Let us go through them together with you to see whether there is something to improve.

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